Mosaic Clubhouse

Founded in 1994, Mosaic Clubhouse supports people affected by mental illness to have a better quality of life by increasing their engagement and participation in the wider community.

Following the internationally recognised Clubhouse model of rehabilitation, staff and members work together to run the Clubhouse.

Every member has strengths, talents and abilities to offer the Clubhouse community which they use to participate in work (eg, running the reception and café, maintaining the gardens, supporting administration and finance activities and delivering workshops), decision-making and governance, as well as offering support to fellow members.

By offering a non-judgemental, safe environment, Mosaic is a welcoming community for individuals to build their interpersonal and work-related skills while increasing their sense of belonging and meaning.

As hosts of the Living Well Partnership, Mosaic works closely with a range of organisations to meet the wider needs of its members (including in education, benefits, housing, physical wellbeing and local mental health services).

Its Information Hub assists the wider Lambeth community by offering mental health information, signposting and onward referrals to a range of support organisations. Mosaic also offers an Evening Sanctuary service five nights a week from 6pm–2am for those experiencing a mental health crisis.

The SFF’s unrestricted grant is helping Mosaic to support the costs of its fundraising team, develop its impact management processes and build up it employment support programme to better support members to take up employment opportunities.

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