Jibu is a social enterprise scaling a network of locally owned, financially independent and self-sustaining franchises that provide safe drinking water to their communities. Franchises purify existing water sources in urban and peri-urban communities and sell to their local neighbourhood within walking distance of the storefront.

Driven by a belief in the power of entrepreneurial talent, Jibu’s model aims to capitalize and equip entrepreneurs in emerging markets to become co-invested business owners. Each franchisee is equipped with eco-friendly ultra-filtration equipment that produces commercial-quality drinking water and receives substantial support and training opportunities.

Jibu regards safe water as its ‘anchor’ product, drawing high traffic to each storefront. Over time, franchisees will be well positioned to leverage this to provide other needed products and services. The company’s vision is to train, finance, and grow a network of business owners who will revolutionise the way communities receive access to basic human necessities.

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