1001fontaines is a social enterprise using uses low-cost technology and a social franchise business approach to provide sustainable access to safe drinking water in poor rural areas of developing countries. It is active in Cambodia, as well as Madagascar, Vietnam and Myanmar.

In Cambodia, 1001fontaines operates via Teuk Saat, its local registered business. It constructs water treatment stations that are run under a franchise model with support provided to local entrepreneurs who run them. Water is affordable ($0.01 per litre) and sold in ‘O-We’ branded bottles that is delivered to households at an affordable price ($0.01 per litre).

Teuk Saat reached operational breakeven at the end of 2020, running a portfolio of 250 stations serving 500,000 customers and 300,000 school children. It now aims to scale up further by expanding and strengthening operations to 360 stations serving over one million people by 2023.

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