Khmer Water Supply Holding (KWSH)

KWSH is a Cambodian water supply company that uses a holding company structure to achieve scale and impact in the water sector. It aims to increase access to affordable, clean tap water for Cambodians through a sustainable approach to reach the under-served that also creates an attractive opportunity for investors.

KWSH’s model takes majority stakes in under-performing water stations and develops them by investing in the improvement of water treatment and distribution facilities and bringing operational and technical expertise. They also manage additional stations through strategic partnerships with local entrepreneurs.

Through this decentralised portfolio of small-scale piped water stations, KWSH are extending the network of household connections and increasing access to safe water for those in semi-urban and rural regions of Cambodia.

Through acquisition and expansion of existing and new stations they aim to run at least 18 stations by 2023 to reach at least 100,000 households through 85,000 connections.

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