Our Approach

Provide funding, support and credibility to accelerate positive change in three sectors.

Our approach in our water portoflio, our largest portfolio, is different to the one we adopt for the mental health and disadvantaged youth sectors. 

This reflects the different contexts of each sector and the specific focus we have in each. You can learn more about this by visiting each portfolio’s main page and reviewing the organisations we support in each.

Why do we focus on enterprise and market-based solutions in the water sector?

In 2018, we defined a set of guiding principles to outline how we can have the most significant impact in the water and sanitation sector. Among those principles is the belief that entrepreneurship and market-based solutions are the best way to create long term sustainable change – and it is this type of solution that the Foundation is best placed to support. Read more about developing those principles and refining our approach to water.

How do we review potential new partnerships and funding relationships?

We have three golden rules which are our starting point for identifying enterprises with which we are likely to have a successful partnership. These cover the importance that partners have strong, engaged management; a compelling service or product; and the clear potential for scaling. Find out more about those golden rules in this blog.

How do we think about impact?

Articulating our impact as a Foundation is not easy given that all our partners measure different things. But we are clear that imposing standardised metrics does not always make sense – understanding the data grantees track, and why, is more important. You can read about how we work with partners to agree milestones which build towards our mission as an organisation.

What have we learnt since 2005?

Since the creation of The Stone Family Foundation in 2005, we have developed our focus and niche in the sector; we currently fund 45 enterprises in Africa and Asia.  We have collected key lessons we have learned in that time – we hope they will be of value to foundations and other actors in the water and sanitation sector.

We have recently focused our strategy on water to the home as a way to achieve greater impact.

These include safe water enterprises and strategic partnerships in a number of different areas. We also have an innovative finance mechanism in rural sanitation in Cambodia – find out more by clicking the links.