Water and Sanitation

Urban Sanitation Services

The challenge

An estimated 3.6 billion people across the world do not currently use a safe, clean toilet – a staggering statistic that leads to over 4,500 deaths each day from related illnesses and disease.

People are forced to use basic pit latrines, pay to use dirty public toilet blocks or defecate in the open. Women and girls are impacted most by this as facilities are unsafe and offer no privacy or dignity.

Global population growth is happening fastest in towns and cities where a lack of sanitation is most acutely felt and where its impact is most profound.

Our solution

We support sanitation enterprises delivering high-quality, affordable services in towns and cities.

We have a strong focus on container based sanitation and delivering financially viable pit emptying services in Africa and Asia. 

These enterprises provide aspirational services to households ensuring privacy, dignity and safety and are demonstrating how alternative forms of sanitation can play an important role in the delivering of services to all citizens. 

You can see examples of the partners we work with in the Portfolio section below.