Water and Sanitation

Enterprises in Safe Water

The challenge

Everyday across Africa and Asia, people like these women and girls, walk long distances to fetch water and carry it back to their homes – an arduous task, taking time, energy and education from the day. 

The water is often poor quality and drawn from sources that are poorly managed.  It is estimated that 40% of all handpumps across rural Africa are broken at any one time. 

The charity model of providing free services, while well meaning, is not operationally or financially sustainable and a huge waste of money. 



Our solution

We support enterprises providing safe, affordable water to households.

Our portfolio is focused on expanding piped water via decentralised systems with a strong focus on household connections bringing water into the home. 

We also support social franchise businesses delivering safe drinking water and focused on the convenience of home delivery.

You can review examples of the partners we work with in the Portfolio section below.