Supported via our strategic partnership with WSUP.

SWEEP is a public-private partnership in Bangladesh, which is enabling the private sector to enter the market for faecal waste collection and treatment.

SWEEP enables private sector operators to lease equipment owned by the public sector, lowering barriers to entry into the market so that they can provide septic tank emptying services.

Using a variable pricing structure, the business model achieves two fundamental objectives: financial viability for the operator, and affordability for low-income urban residents.

Customers from poor communities benefit from the collection, safe transportation and transfer of waste to treatment facilities. The public sector benefits from stable income from the lease of its equipment and capital assets; confidence that the waste will be safely dumped; and the expansion of vital services that it would otherwise struggle to deliver.

As of June 2020, SWEEP was operated by five entrepreneurs in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Rangpur, with plans for expansions into other cities.