Supported via our strategic partnership with WSUP.

Pula is a business venture started by WSUP, UX and BoP Inc, which uses data to improve sanitation for urban communities that lack access to sewer systems.

Pula has developed a mobile phone application that helps vacuum tankers to manage their day-to-day operations emptying septic tanks and pit latrines. The data captured also allows regulators and sanitation service providers to better plan and evaluate efforts to improve collection and treatment of faecal waste from low-income communities.

To date, Pula has carried out market- and user-validation sessions with prototypes in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique. The venture is currently at the validate stage: a minimal viable product will be launched with early adopters in Mozambique and Zambia in late 2018.

The opportunity for Pula to improve sanitation for residents dependent on on-site sanitation is significant. For example, in the six African cities where WSUP conducted research, there are around 360 vacuum tankers operating, and Pula has found potential to improve the effectiveness of these operators, as well as provide valuable data for city authorities.

WSUP sees potential to roll out Pula in these six cities, with a goal of reaching Indian and other African cities in coming years.