$500,0000 grant for 2020

Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by making safe sanitation accessible and affordable for everyone, forever – starting with the urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

The model goes beyond simply providing access to toilets to ensure that human waste is safely removed from the community, treated, and converted into valuable end-products. At each step of the sanitation value chain, Sanergy finds innovative solutions that contain, empty, transport, treat, and reuse waste:

  • Contain and use: A network of hygienic sanitation facilities, purchased and operated by residents, provides sanitation services to communities. Marketing and business support is provided, empowering operators and ensuring toilets stay clean and safe.
  • Empty and transport: Logistics teams safely and professionally collects the waste on a regular basis, removing it from the community.
  • Treat and reuse: 100% of the waste is safely treated and converted into useful end-products, including organic fertiliser and animal feed, sold to Kenyan farmers and feed millers.

The community investment in the infrastructure to contain, collect, and safely remove the waste, coupled with the sale of end-products, drives the sustainability and scale of the model. Demonstrating this approach in Nairobi, Sanergy is also developing offerings that can be customised to multiple urban contexts.