Clean Team

£100,000 grant funding from 2018 to 2019 

Clean Team is a social enterprise delivering safe and affordable sanitation services to low-income households in Kumasi, Ghana.

The enterprise provides customers with an ergonomically designed plastic toilet that can be used in their homes, with a sealable internal cartridge to collect waste. The toilet is provided for free, and customers then pay a small monthly fee for professional waste collectors to collect the waste from each house, replacing the dirty cartridge and cleaning the toilet. The waste is then transported to the city treatment site, ensuring safe disposal.

Clean Team aims to provide high quality, customer-centric sanitation services. It has a strong value proposition: customers say they choose the Clean Team service because it delivers dignity, health benefits, and pride in having a toilet at home. It is also often cheaper for households than using public toilets, the main available alternative in Kumasi’s low-income areas.

Clean Team currently serves over 1,700 households in Kumasi (~8,500 people), with plans to grow to 10,000 households and to achieve financial break even in the next three years.