$120,000 grant from 2020 to 2021

WaterSHED uses a systems approach to build the rural market for water, sanitation, and hygiene products and services across Southeast Asia.

Based in Cambodia, WaterSHED uses in-depth research to identify strategic opportunities and gaps in the wider system, and then works to strengthen the capacity and relationships between key actors to create a more dynamic and resilient market.

By engaging key actors in the system, including small businesses, customers, and local government, WaterSHED facilitates the adoption of toilets, water filters, and handwashing stations—building a market that functions independent of traditional aid.

Over the past six years, WaterSHED’s hands-off marketing approach has successfully enabled small businesses to sell 180,000 toilets, generating more than USD $9 million in revenue for rural businesses, and accelerating sanitation coverage from a stagnant 25% to over 60%.

The Foundation is supporting WaterSHED’s sustainability strategy and exit of the NGO from the sector in 2021.