Water 4

$150,000 grant from 2020 to 2021

Water4Ever is a locally owned and operated safe water enterprise serving 42,000 people in Waterloo, Sierra Leone. The business is one of 18 supported by Water4, a U.S. – based non-profit.  Every Water4 business has incentives to expand its customer base to reach every home, school and clinic in a district, generate more revenue, and, ultimately, reach creditworthiness.

To improve on the charity model, Water4 takes a market-based approach to service delivery, demonstrating that safe water can be affordable to customers while also covering the business’s ongoing costs. Water4Ever sells NUMA-branded water and is known for its high-quality customer service. The business offers an aspirational water product while also building local employment opportunities, restoring dignity and prosperity to communities in the process.

Water4Ever offers two levels of service delivery – piped water, and hand pumps under long-term service agreements. Through this partnership, the Stone Family Foundation is investing in new ways to expand services to the urban poor through a transformational model for piped water at scale. With this critical support, Water4Ever will reach 100 percent of Waterloo Township by the end of 2022, serving another 78,000 people. Moreover, this initial grant will crowd in blended financing for 1,000 household connections off the NUMA network.