Safe Water Network

$1.6M grant from 2020 – 2023

Safe Water Network uses the power of enterprise to help communities secure clean, affordable, reliable water.

In India and Ghana, Safe Water Network’s operations have connected 750,000 people with access to safe water, affordable to those living on $2.50 a day.

More robust and safer than hand pumps, but less costly and more flexible than large scale utilities, small water enterprises are well suited to the fastest growing areas in the developing world where the need for safe water is far outpacing government capacity to provide services.

Each small water enterprise supported by Safe Water Network is locally owned and operated, and launched with a $15-30 per capita upfront, one time investment. Income is generated by the enterprise to fund operating costs and long-term maintenance, guaranteeing enterprises stay in business for the long run.

The Foundation is supporting Safe Water Network’s expansion of services in Ghana, with a current focus on growing its household connection programme and developing a sales function within the enterprise to help it achieve financial viability.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also provided Safe Water Network with additional funding towards its COVID-19 Response Plan to help address challenges and expand its social impact.