€104,000 grant for 2021

Oshun is a social business created in 2017 to develop a decentralised solution for access to safe drinking water (water kiosk) adapted to Sahelian countries and based on innovative water treatment and IoT technologies.

It was created as an initiative from 3 French companies, including the Société du Canal de Provence (publicly-owned hydraulic operator in rural areas in South-East of France), to address the issue of safe drinking water in the Sahel.

In Senegal where Oshun opened its first subsidiary, a big portion of the population is still facing challenges in accessing safe drinking water, including unequal access to potable water and sanitation services.

Oshun provides a small, easy-to-run and designed-in-house water treatment system that is installed in a kiosk, treating water from an existing nearby borehole. This kiosk is run by a local entrepreneur, usually female, who sells the water to local communities at an affordable price. Oshun currently runs 60 water kiosks equipped with a range of autonomous water treatment systems and plans to continue expanding in the Sahel, starting with Senegal and Burkina Faso.

The Foundation is supporting Oshun to deploy five new kiosks in Senegal and implement initiatives to help achieve opex breakeven.