Khmer Water Supply Holding (KWSH)

$1.1M loan over seven years

KWSH aims to increase access to affordable, clean tap water for Cambodians and promote sustainable water solutions for the under-served, whilst giving meaningful returns to investors.

KWSH’s model is to take majority stakes in under-performing water stations and drive development of the stations by investing in the improvement of water treatment and distribution facilities, and by bringing operational and technical know-how. They also manage additional stations through strategic partnerships with local entrepreneurs.

Through this decentralised approach and managing a portfolio of small-scale piped water stations KWSH are extending the network of household connections and increasing access to safe water for those in semi-urban and rural regions of Cambodia. They aim to have a portfolio of at least 18 stations by 2023, with a potential customer base of 100,000 households and 85,000 connections, which will be achieved by acquiring new networks and expanding existing ones.

The Foundation is supporting this scale-up work.