$50,000 repayable loan over 2020-2021

HappyTap Co. is a social business that designs, manufactures, and sells the HappyTap, the world’s first affordable, portable sink designed for handwashing in low-income settings.

40% of people in the world do not have a sink for handwashing at home and nearly half of all schools in developing countries lack facilities, which affects 900 million students (UNICEF, 2020).

Founded in 2013 in Vietnam, HappyTap uses the latest evidence and behaviour-centered design to improve basic health. Its solution is deceptively simple: an attractive portable sink that makes handwashing convenient and fun. Developed over years with consumers in rural Vietnam and Bangladesh, it’s a critical part of efforts to improve hand hygiene.

In response to COVID-19, HappyTap has expanded its production and footprint beyond its existing geographies of Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Focus areas now include India, East Africa, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and global export customers.

 The Foundation has provided HappyTap with a repayment grant to allow it to purchase new moulds that will help it ramp up its manufacturing capacity.