Eau & Vie

€250,000 grant from 2021 to 2022

Eau & Vie is an organisation that sets up piped water services in low-income urban areas, with wrap around services including hygiene training, firefighting, waste management and sanitation. It currently runs programmes in the Philippines, Bangladesh and Ivory Coast.

Eau & Vie connects to the local utility’s network. It treats the water and distributes it via household connections in urban slum areas, where the majority of residents live under $2 a day. Customers pay for water and wrap around services through one single bill, and benefit from the close proximity of customer support and maintenance services as Eau & Vie has offices located directly in the slum areas.  

Eau & Vie’s objective through this mechanism is to provide high quality, integrated services that are affordable, easily accessible, and financially sustainable.

The Foundation is providing grant support to operations in Bangladesh, where Eau & Vie is currently delivering services to 10,000 people in Dhaka and Chattogram. In the next 18 months Eau & Vie plans to deploy piped water services in four new slum areas, and implement initiatives to increase revenues and improve operational efficiency.