Our approach

We are a relatively small family foundation but with ambitions to transform the water and sanitation sector by pioneering a radically different approach to traditional water and sanitation programmes.

Our approach capitalises on our successful experience in business and finance.  At its heart is our belief in the power of entrepreneurship to change people’s lives through the development of new innovative solutions which can be scaled up to reach millions of people.

As a niche player in the water and sanitation sector, with limited funds, we have developed a position as the provider of risk capital to support innovations and new ideas that have the potential to achieve transformational change.

And to support these innovations not only with funds but also by providing non-financial support; in particular, expert advice to help our partners achieve successful, financially viable businesses.

Our geographic focus is sub-Saharan Africa, and South East Asia, particularly Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Cambodia.

Our core themes

Water enterprises

We support water enterprises providing clean, affordable water to customers.

This includes enterprises operating decentralised water systems, delivering water through kiosks and household connections as well as through the convenience of home delivery.


Waste to resources

Waste collection

  • Human waste collected from on-site latrines and container based toilet operations
  • Organic waste collected from markets and agricultural sources


  • Treatment of waste using one or combination of processes:
    – Dewatering
    – Bio-digestion
    – Thermal treatment of waste
    – Secondary composting

Added value products

  • Production of added value products for revenue streams:
    – Soil conditioners and fertilisers
    – Industrial fuel
    – Electricity

Urban sanitation services



  • On-site urban sanitation through container based toilets and service business models

Emptying & transport

  • Support to waste management services through pit emptying operations and transportation to disposal sites.

Safe disposal

  • The safe disposal of waste in municipal or private treatment sites using traditional or alternative treatment processes