Water4Ever is a locally owned and operated safe water enterprise serving 42,000 people in the Waterloo district of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The business is one of 18 supported by Water4, a US-based non-profit. Every Water4 business has incentives to reach every home, school, and clinic in its district, and to achieve financial breakeven. It operates through its NUMA-branded kiosks, piped connections to households, and hand pump maintenance service under long-term agreements.

Water4 takes a market-based approach to service delivery, demonstrating that safe water can be affordable to customers through a decentralised, market-based approach. Its NUMA-branded water is marketed as an aspirational product, but it also prioritises high-quality customer service and creating local jobs.

With SFF’s support, Water4Ever will reach all of the Waterloo Township by the end of 2022 to serve another 78,000 people. It will also develop a blended finance approach to build a further 500 household connections across the NUMA network.

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