The Listening Place

The Listening Place (TLP) was set up to address the gap in support for those feeling suicidal in the UK. A mixture of long waiting times, inappropriate services and poor follow-up has led to the stabilisation and increase of the suicide rate rather than a reduction. In 2019, the rate hit a sixteen year high.

TLP provides face-to-face, ongoing, 100% confidential and compassionate support. It responds to all referrals within 24 hours and offer a first appointment within one week. Designed in collaboration with mental health professionals, the approach focuses on the need for people to feel heard by someone who cares and combines this with a highly responsive, easily accessible service.

TLP has grown rapidly since delivering its first appointment in June 2016. TLP now offers over 100 appointments every day across two central London sites. The organisation accepts an average of 300 new referrals every month from 122 partner organisations including major London hospitals, the British Transport Police and the British Red Cross.

The SFF’s unrestricted grant is helping TLP fund core costs as the organisation continues to grow—this will enable TLP to develop its model and ensure that more people at risk of suicide can access support.

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