OPERO Services is a Kenyan based social enterprise that provides business development and technical support to faecal sludge and solid waste management enterprises in Kenya.

Supporting directly, or via enabling groups and institutions, OPERO assist enterprises in streamlining operations, growing customer base and revenue – ultimately decreasing the cost per service and increasing service coverage.

We are supporting OPERO in establishing a Sanitation Enterprise Centre in Kisumu, Kenya. The goal of the centre is to expand their service reach from large, formal businesses to include the support of smaller, more informal businesses.

OPERO is working with three enterprises in a bid to increase operational efficiency and decrease costs; while simultaneously working with both public and private sector actors to identify key investments and support required to enable these businesses to flourish.

Creating scalable, sustainable FSM businesses will reduce volumes of faecal waste indiscriminately disposed in low-income areas and water bodies of Kisumu, and provide lessons for scaling of FSM businesses across East Africa.

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