Leap Confronting Conflict

Leap is an award-winning national youth charity that provides inspirational conflict management programmes and personal support to young people and the professionals working with them. Many of the young people Leap works with have grown up in care, are not in mainstream education, are at risk of gang involvement and exploitation, or are caught up in the criminal justice system. They face high, sustained levels of conflict – violence, aggression, poor relationships, low self-esteem or bullying may be part of their daily lives.

By taking part in Leap’s training, young people gain the skills and personal resources to understand, manage and resolve conflict. This positively affects many areas of their lives including their relationships and decision-making abilities. They adopt new ways of thinking and behaving, are better placed to support peers in dealing with conflict and become leaders in their communities.

The SFF’s unrestricted grant to Leap Confronting Conflict supports the organisation to invest in curriculum development—so its work continues to address young people’s most pressing conflict-related needs—and other core costs.

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