Drinkwell are a social enterprise providing access to safe, affordable drinking water to people living in low income areas in India and Bangladesh.

The Drinkwell model, operating in urban and peri-urban areas, builds and operates water purification systems under contract with utilities and sells water to end consumers. These ‘ATM’ systems act as last mile distribution of clean water, allowing customers to use a pre-paid card to automatically dispense safe water with the customer charged via mobile money.

To support Drinkwell’s growth strategy, we are supporting the construction and operation of three ATM Booths in Dhaka, as a pilot, which allows local entrepreneurs – ‘blue jar vendors’ – to purchase certified high-quality safe water and resell it to end users in Dhaka. The results of this pilot will support expansion into Chattogram through its existing contract with the utility there.

Drinkwell is an interesting model with a clear pathway to scale through its strong relationships with local institutions and water utilities in Bangladesh.

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