ATEC Biodigesters

Established in 2015, ATEC is an award-winning social enterprise that produces and distributes small-scale anaerobic biodigesters. These biodigesters treat animal, faecal and green/kitchen waste and convert it into energy (biogas) and organic fertiliser.

ATEC’s customers are farmers in rural Cambodia, typically with 2–3 livestock and growing rice or vegetables. The biodigester is an easily installed tank that farmers load different types of waste into. Its system comes with a twin biogas cookstove and a rice cooker, making it an aspirational product.

It provides:
• An on-site waste disposal solution which enables a clean household and village environment
• Enough gas for all daily cooking needs, that is more convenient than collecting firewood
• An effective fertiliser that increases crop yield by up to 35%
• Immediate annual cost savings of c $150 (rising to c $500 once the system is paid off) as a result of reduced fuel and chemical fertiliser costs

The biodigester costs $825 and customers can pay it off in instalments. To date over 1,800 units have been installed. ATEC’s goal is to reach financial breakeven in Cambodia in 2022 and expand its services.