Aerosan Sustainable Sanitation is a Nepalese social enterprise which provides affordable, clean sanitation services to people in urban areas of the Kathmandu Valley. It is supported by AeroSan, a Canadian NGO.

Working in a public private partnership with local government, AeroSan offers an end-to-end public toilet service via its pay-per-use sanitation blocks (HUBs) that deliver a good service and a positive experience for users. In this arrangement, the government provides the land and a portion of the capex costs for the construction of the outer building for the block.

The HUBs are female-centric, providing a clean and safe environment with all necessary sanitation, menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and hand-washing facilities. They also incorporate an in-situ waste-to-reuse system whereby human waste passes through an anaerobic digester, producing biogas which is sold to adjacent tea houses. this ensures 24 metric tonnes of human waste does not enter the local environment each year.

To date, Aerosan has built 4 HUBs in Kathmandu since its pilot HUB showed a 46% increase in female users and a 43% rise in hand washing. These 4 HUBs will, over a year, accommodate over 1 million toilet usages.

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