Mental Health Innovations

£500,000 | Funding from 2019 to 2021

Mental Health Innovations (MHI) is a digital mental health charity, which develops new ways to support people with their mental health. It is the charity behind Shout, the UK’s first 24/7 crisis text line.

Shout is powered by a team of trained volunteers, who log onto an online platform to take shifts, overseen by clinical supervisors. Shout exists in the US as ‘Crisis Text Line’ and Shout uses the same proven model and technology in the UK.

Shout launched publicly in May 2019 with an appeal for more people to train as Crisis Volunteers. The response was overwhelming and the team are now focused on onboarding hundreds of new volunteers and promoting Shout as a national service in order to support thousands more people in their darkest moments.

MHI is also focused on data analysis and adding value to the wider mental health sector. The anonymised data produced from Shout text conversations provides the opportunity for unprecedented new insight into the mental health issues presented and who is particularly effected. MHI has partnered with Imperial College London to conduct deep-dive analysis into Shout’s data in order to add to current research, and identify and help fill current gaps in support.

MHI are using funding from the Stone Family Foundation to scale-up Shout and develop its income model.