Hillside Clubhouse

£330,000 | Funding from 2017 to 2020

Hillside Clubhouse brings hope, confidence, relationships and structure and it provides support to a wide range of people from a number of London boroughs. The Clubhouse is based in the London Borough of Islington and offers its members a daily experience that involves them entirely in the workings of the Clubhouse—from setting its goals and objectives, through to delivering the services to its members on a day-to-day basis. The emphasis is on participation and working in partnership with members and staff working side by side with each other as equals. Members have a say in how the clubhouse is run, which enhances their self-esteem, develops colleague relationships and prepares them for work.

Being part of a team and achieving results throughout the day helps people access mainstream employment and education. Hillside combines the workday experience with personalised support from professional employment support workers as well as helping with practical life problems and barriers through the Recovery! Project. Hillside also has in house social enterprises offering stepped employment opportunities including a catering enterprise and retail outlet.

The Foundation first began funding Hillside Clubhouse in 2011 to support those with more severe and enduring mental health problems. Many of whom have no or few other services available to them and are less likely to lead to an ‘outcome’ in commissioners’ eyes, but are often those most in need of support.