Water and sanitation

Clean water and hygienic sanitation are vital basic necessities of life that we all take for granted.

Yet today over 650 million people do not enjoy access to safe drinking water and one in three households do not have a hygienic toilet.

The impact is colossal; water-related diseases such as typhoid kill two million people every year and diarrhoea is the second biggest cause of death of children under five.  And the consequences extend beyond poor health; education and livelihoods are also devastated.

One of the causes of this crisis is the failure of many traditional ‘infrastructure’ solutions, due to a lack of commitment to the maintenance of these systems, resulting in a huge waste of capital as they fall into disrepair and disuse. 

We are committed to provide long-lasting, sustainable solutions, which we believe can best be achieved by a market based approach.  This requires revenue to be generated, to ensure that funds are available to maintain (and ultimately replace) the infrastructure investment.

The Foundation currently makes grants and investments to support water and sanitation projects of over £6m per year.  We are committed to increase this to £10m per year.

How we fund

Innovative enterprises

We provide flexible funding, in the form of grants and investments, to social entrepreneurs to help them develop and scale up their innovative businesses.

The support we provide is more than just money. We also provide expert advice in areas business planning, sales & marketing and fundraising.

Find out more about our current portfolio below.

  • East Africa
  • South Asia
  • South East Asia

Supporting the sector

To amplify our impact and strengthen our internal decision making, we commission research and analysis which we hope will contribute to a more knowledgeable and better funded water and sanitation sector.

To deliver this, we collaborate with other grant-makers and investors in the WASH and social enterprise sectors with the aim of driving more and better funding into the sector from a wider base of support.

Strategic partnerships

We have developed a number of strategic partnerships through which we provide flexible funding, often multi-year, to organisations who share our vision and goals.

The strategic partnerships support the delivery of the Foundation’s strategy. By providing strategic funding our aim is to give these organisations the resources and backing they need to be a force for good in the sector.