£250,000 grant funding for 2019

Loowatt develops high quality, waterless flush toilets to help service providers deliver safe and affordable sanitation access, wherever there is a need for non-sewered toilets. Loowatt toilets lock in odour and disease effectively, providing customers with an excellent experience without using scarce and high-value water. Waste is packaged and contained in a sealed cartridge, and then treated and converted into compost and energy.

Loowatt is working to scale up its solutions for urban non-sewered sanitation in Africa and Asia by partnering with municipal service providers and utilities. In Madagascar it has been developing and testing its whole value-chain sanitation hardware since 2013, and is now expanding its service in collaboration with SAMVA, the local waste utility.

It is also working with Laguna Water, a leading utility in the Philippines, to roll out a new toilet solution, known as the Laguna Portable Toilet Solution, and piloting a first-of-its-kind utility business model for providing non-sewered household toilets.

The Foundation is supporting Loowatt to develop its strategy, with a particular emphasis on its business-to-business proposition.