$50,000 grant funding in 2020

Everflow is a community-funded enterprise providing preventative maintenance and emergency repair services to keep rural Ugandan water wells flowing.

This initiative was set-up by International Lifeline Fund (ILF), which takes a social enterprise approach to addressing core issues such as lack of access to clean water. It launches, replicates and scales locally-led enterprises that produce, distribute, and sell socially beneficial products and services. It then shares learnings to accelerate the replication of successful models.

Everflow was set-up in response to the huge sustainability challenge in water access in rural areas in Uganda, where at any one time, between 18-36% of boreholes are not functioning due to lack of maintenance.

For a flat subscription fee of $25 a month (~ $1.20 per user per year) the enterprise provides regular maintenance service visits from a vetted mechanic; a 24-hour response window for emergency repairs ; a 1 to 2-year pump overhaul to replace key parts; and a toll-free Help Desk hotline to report breakdowns and functionality issues.

As of the end of 2019 Everflow was serving 36 customer communities and it is reaching out to another 100 communities in 2020.

SFF is providing $50,000 to Everflow to support a study, carried out in partnership with Stanford University, assessing willingness and ability to pay for maintenance services, as well as costs and benefits to users, communities and local government.

An additional $12,500 was provided in May 2020 in support of Everflow’s COVID-19 emergency response plan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also provided Everflow with additional funding towards its COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan providing water point repairs across two Districts.