Star Wards

£30,000 | Funding between August 2017 and August 2019

Star Wards provides resources and initiatives for mental health ward staff and patients, based on a deep appreciation of both groups’ skills and personal qualities.

The upbeat, practical, no/low cost approach and the freedom for staff and patients to adopt or adapt anything they find helpful has led to 80% of UK mental health wards becoming part of the Star Wards’ community. Staff have responded energetically and creatively, as well as creating and generously contributing their own examples of great care.

Patients and visitors have welcomed the changes, which have resulted, not least the increase in their ability to take a more active part in their treatment and experiences.

The Foundation first began supporting Star Wards in 2011. The current grant from the Stone Family Foundation enabled Star Wards to get its finance systems into robust order as well as provide more support to the wards