$200,000 | Funding between March 2016 and March 2017

Sanivation is helping cities in East Africa meet the demand for cost-effective sanitation services. It does this by installing container-based toilets in people’s homes, collecting and treating the waste, and transforming it into income generating fuel products, charcoal briquettes.

The sanitation services have the potential to reduce diarrhoea by a third and the charcoal briquettes save 88 trees per ton sold. This makes it a real triple bottom line business.

Using a combination of an in-house sanitation service model, their proprietary solar treatment technology, and biochar production, Sanivation has pioneered a complete sanitation value chain approach which shows potential for a business model that could operate at scale and replicate in other urbanising community.

In addition to a municipality-based model, Sanivation is also developing an adapted model of their approach for use in refugee camps.

The Foundation is currently supporting Sanivation to expand operations in and around Naivasha, Kenya.