Sanitations Solutions Group

$200,000 | Funding between March 2016 and March 2017

Sanitation Solutions Group (SSG) is a Ugandan based social enterprise that aims to scale up improved sanitation by providing affordable sanitation products and services to low and middle income households.

Specifically, SSG provides latrine emptying services to households, guaranteeing safe transport and disposal of waste into the city waste treatment facilities in Kampala. This business model is especially suitable for congested urban slum areas that are inaccessible by exhauster trucks and so provides an critical service for a market not currently being served by the government or the private sector.

SSG currently has five emptying teams operating with plans to grow to ten by March 2017, with each team comprising two members working towards monthly emptying targets. SSG provides extensive marketing for the teams to generate customer demand and provide coordination for the service teams.

The Foundation is supporting SSG to establish the market for pit emptying services in Kampala.