Safi Sana

$200,000 | Funding between March 2016 and March 2017

Safi Sana designs and implements modular waste to re-use factories for (local) governments and industries in sub-Saharan countries.

Once operational, the factories are operated on a profit basis by selling power, compost, seedlings and irrigation water to the local market.

Safi Sana was founded in 2010 with an office in The Netherlands and Ghana, and has successfully constructed its first commercial factory in Ashaiman, Ghana.  The factory has been operational since September 2016 and generates power for the local community grid and produces compost and vegetable seedlings for the agricultural market.

It is expected to be profitable by the end of 2017 and it will serve 125,000 people with better sanitation and waste collection services as well as job creation and valuable end products from the factory.

The Foundation is supporting Safi Sana’s operations as it implements its first commercial factory in Ghana.