$430,000 (Convertible debt & grant)

Pivot is transforming the economics of waste management by replacing treatment plants with factories.

At Pivot Works factories, treatment is the by-product of our manufacturing process – a fraction of the equipment serves the single purpose of treatment, while the majority serves to produce a high quality industrial fuel.

Pivot is currently operating a demonstration plant in Kigali, Rwanda, which processes approximately 80m3 faecal sludge and produces about 0.5 tonnes of Pivot Fuel every day (as at October 2016). Fuel is being sold to local industries including cement, brick, and textile manufacturers.

For its raw material of faecal waste, Pivot relies primarily on private exhauster companies hired by households to empty septic tanks, and required by government to dump at Pivot’s facility. Pivot is beginning to develop a pit latrine emptying business, which targets informal settlements where there were previously no such services.

The Foundation has supported the development of the Pivot Works factory in Kigali.