Mosaic Clubhouse

£402,000 | Funding between August 2017 and August 2020

Founded in 1994, Mosaic Clubhouse provides a range of services to help people affected by mental illness increase their engagement and participation in the wider community.

Following the internationally recognised Clubhouse model of rehabilitation, staff and members work together to run the Clubhouse. Every member has strengths, talents and abilities to offer the Clubhouse community and works side-by-side with the staff team to deliver clubhouse activities, offer support to fellow members and achieve a common goal.

Members work on reception, run the café, maintain the gardens, support the administration and finance activities and deliver workshops for the benefit of their peers. Members are therefore the key stakeholders within the organisation and participate in all the work, decision-making and governance opportunities.

By offering a non-judgemental, safe working environment Mosaic becomes a welcoming place for individuals to develop their skills and interests—somewhere where they are needed and valued, where being part of a community provides a sense of belonging and meaning.

This allows individuals to foster positive relationships and build trust, have increased belief in their own strengths and potential, and develop increased interpersonal and work related skills.