Youth Moves

£152,000 | Funding from 2019 to 2023

Youth Moves works with young people, families, schools and communities across South Bristol, specifically targeting work with groups and individuals within those communities who need help the most.

The aim is to focus on community and individual strengths and use these to enable young people to take responsibility for their actions, make positive choices and do things for themselves, so that ultimately their lives are changed for the better.

Youth Moves provides a range of services including youth club provision, one-to-one mentoring, youth participation programmes, targeted outreach and group-work, positive activities and social action/ volunteering opportunities.

Youth Moves aims to intervene early where possible and to provide long-term opportunities and pathways, working with clear evidence of need and agreed success criteria. Youth Moves is proud of being local and rooted in the community it serves.

Youth Moves’ goal is to support young people to make a successful transition to adulthood, through providing high-quality programmes and interventions that help them to make a long-term difference to their lives.