Tutor Trust

£330,000 | Funding from 2020 to 2023

Tutor Trust is a charity seeking to democratise one-to-one tuition and tackle educational inequality by making sure every child who needs additional academic support can get a great tutor.

It does this by recruiting and training bright university students as tutors in the core subjects of maths, English and science and places them in state schools across Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. The tutor selection process and training programme is tough and highly competitive: only 25% applicants are successful.

To date, Tutor Trust has delivered over 75,000 hours of tuition in maths, English and science to over 12,000 pupils in more than 300 primary and secondary schools. It has recruited a network of over 1,250 tutors and won the Charity Times’ Best New Charity award in 2016.