Boxing Academy

£375,000 | Funding from 2011 to 2016

“Boxing controls me and I’m not so easily wound up. I feel less angry and would think twice before an argument.         I really love it here – I actually want to come to school every day. I feel the teachers understand us and allow us to express ourselves.”


The Boxing Academy caters for pupils aged 14-16 from Hackney and the surrounding London boroughs who are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.

The school grew out of a small charitable project that was established in a Tottenham boxing gym in 2007, created for the most vulnerable and disengaged young people in the school system.

This cohort often presents as aggressive, violent and anti-social in order to mask their vulnerability. They often need a safe, consistent and disciplined environment. They are referred by local authorities or by their schools directly and access a curriculum of least 5 GCSEs or equivalent including maths and English, as well as programmes for career guidance, work-readiness and additional life skills support.

The unique model is built around three elements: small class sizes; a personalised learning pathway and intensive monitoring by our team of boxing coaches, who also act as class tutors.

The Academy’s ethos reflects its origins, that of a boxing gym: a small, comfortable and familial environment with clear boundaries, a system of rewards and sanctions and an emphasis on discipline, achievement and hard work.

The track record speaks for itself: 100% of leavers since 2013 have gained a place in college or employment.